Allow vendors to create and sell monthly booking subscriptions

Hi! I would need an option where each vendor can list and sell several “subscriptions”. The idea is to make a marketplace where the costumers pay a subscription for services like room rent, car rent, even cleaning services. The subscription should be renewed automatically each week/month/year until a client or vendor decide to cancel it. Thanks!

Thanks for your feedback, we’ll consider adding this feature to Bookings and Marketplace.

I would also like this. In my use case I’m doing condo rentals that can be anywhere from 1 month to 12 months. What would be good would be to be able to have an option for customers to pay a small reservation fee then be charged a subscription monthly (paying rent) for the duration of their committed stay.

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Thanks, we’ll check this and probably add a new booking mode for monthly payments, you can share more details about the use case - if I understand correctly you charge one-time commission fee and then hosts get recurring monthly payments via your platform?