Allowing members to favorite/follow other listing members

Hello there!
I want to create a members-based platform that functions within the realm of listings. ListingHive seems to be the best option for me, but I’m curious about one thing:
I want members to be able to follow other members, without the “social” components (no likes, comments, reviews, ratings, views, etc.). Through ListingHive, do members only have the option of favoriting LISTINGS, or can they also favorite the people who are creating the lists? In other words, if someone is selling great stuff, and I’m a user who wants to stay updated with what they’re selling, can I follow them?

Hi, there is a free followers extension that i can provide u with the link. It basically allows a user to follow the vendor (seller/person who has listings). This would allow the user to see all their listings.

There is also a paid search alerts extension. This allows the user to follow any search they select on search filter.

How can I get the free follower extension you are talking about ?

Sorry for delay.

Please make sure that you downloaded the ZIP package here Release 1.0.0 · hivepress/foo-followers · GitHub and installed it in WordPress/Plugins. It should display the Follow link in the vendor box.

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