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When a vendor list a service on my website i want them to be able to always choose which package the want immediately after listing a services. whether it’s free package or paid package. Currently if the previous listing was free package and it has 2 more listing to exceed the free package limit, it automatically goes to the free package if the user list a service. the user cannot select another listing package because the free listing package is remaining 2 listing to exceed it limit.

If a user wants to list a service and wants to promote that particular listing via paid listing. it’s possible because they have to wait till the free package exceeds it limit because it is still on going. but if users can select another package immediately after listing a service. whether another package is active and hasn’t reached it limit. it will be cool

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Unfortunately there’s no way to do this with Paid Listings at the moment, the Select Package page will appear only when the limit is exceeded. Even if you show this page, the purchased package will be added to the existing one with non-zero limit, and the package with a higher limit will be used automatically (so the new package is not guaranteed to be used even on selection if the old one if not exceeded yet).
This will change in the new extension we’re working on, we realized that we need to merge this with the memberships business model, this would allow for more flexibility.

Okay great but I don’t use the membership plug-in just the paid listing plug-in. Will I have to buy the membership plugin. For it to work or it can still work with the paid listing plug-in


Unfortunately, this feature will not be available in the Paid Listings extension. This feature will be available in the Memberships extension, so if you don’t have this extension and need this functionality, then you can buy Memberships.
Yes, the Memberships extension can work with the Paid Listings extension.

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