An user signed up with Google can't delete his account

Hi, we noticed a problem when an user use the google sign up he can’t delete his account because the form ask the password used for the account creation. There is any way to make sure users that join us with google can delete their account whitout asking the password?

That is an interesting issue; I will also try to replicate this…


Please provide more details regarding this issue. Do you mean that you have registered on the site using our Social Login extension, then try to delete the user and you are asked for a password?

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Yes, we bought extensions. The problem is that when a user registers on our site using the Google service, when he wants to delete the account he is asked for the password which he did not enter when registering because he logged in with Google.


I see. Yes, we are aware of this bug and it has already been added to the RoadMap. Currently, there are two workarounds:

  1. Log out of your account and recover your password via forgot password.

  2. Hide the deletion feature, for example, by using CSS tweaks, and create a separate page with a contact form for requesting account deletion.

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