Anyone using the SEO extension of Hivepress?

Hi everyone,
Is anyone using the SEO extension? How is it working for you?
Also is there a specific reason to choose this one over Yoast or to use it together?

Please do let me know as I am a bit confused but will definitely want to try it out if it really helps with the SEO.

I am using the TaskHive theme so anything specific related to that also will be helpful.

Thanks in advance.

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You can use it to complement Yoast or Rank Math, it automatically adds some useful Schema and meta tags for HivePress-specific content. For example, it’s useful if you don’t wan’t to set up a Schema for listings from scratch via Yoast, the SEO extension automatically adds the AggregateRating (if you use Reviews), Location (if you use Geolocation), and other Schema properties.

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Thank you @ihor I have purchased the plugin based on your suggestion and fingers crossed hope for better results now.

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