Anyone using the SEO extension of Hivepress?

Hi everyone,
Is anyone using the SEO extension? How is it working for you?
Also is there a specific reason to choose this one over Yoast or to use it together?

Please do let me know as I am a bit confused but will definitely want to try it out if it really helps with the SEO.

I am using the TaskHive theme so anything specific related to that also will be helpful.

Thanks in advance.

You can use it to complement Yoast or Rank Math, it automatically adds some useful Schema and meta tags for HivePress-specific content. For example, it’s useful if you don’t wan’t to set up a Schema for listings from scratch via Yoast, the SEO extension automatically adds the AggregateRating (if you use Reviews), Location (if you use Geolocation), and other Schema properties.

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Thank you @ihor I have purchased the plugin based on your suggestion and fingers crossed hope for better results now.

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