Arrange listing attributes in an order on admin dashbooard

Hi, I have 2 requests

  1. I have 30 attributes on my listings, for easy accessibility and view, I want to rearrange them in a particular order, so that when I edit a listing on my dashboard the attributes are in that particular order on my dashboard. for easy view. and if possible group some attributes together.

  2. I have a custom field that serve as a unique identifier for each listing, but when I search it in the search box provided on the backend for admin the result is not always accurate.


  1. Please check this topic Changing attributes order in add listing and listing edit page - #5 by yevhen

  2. Please provide more details regarding this issue (e.g., your actions step by step with screenshots, etc.). This will help us to reproduce and resolve the issue faster.

function( $form ) {

$form[‘fields’][‘title’][‘_order’] = 1;
$form[‘fields’][‘permalink’][‘_order’] = 2;
$form[‘fields’][‘images’][‘_order’] = 3;
$form[‘fields’][‘description’][‘_order’] = 4;
$form[‘fields’][‘price’][‘_order’] = 5;
$form[‘fields’][‘rental_price_postfix’][‘_order’] = 6;
$form[‘fields’][‘location’][‘_order’] = 7;
$form[‘fields’][‘city’][‘_order’] = 8;
$form[‘fields’][‘state’][‘_order’] = 9;
$form[‘fields’][‘zip_code’][‘_order’] = 10;
$form[‘fields’][‘country’][‘_order’] = 11;
$form[‘fields’][‘bed_frame’][‘_order’] = 12;
$form[‘fields’][‘bathrooms’][‘_order’] = 13;
$form[‘fields’][‘sale_price_postfix’][‘_order’] = 14;
$form[‘fields’][‘status’][‘_order’] = 15;
$form[‘fields’][‘additional_features’][‘_order’] = 16;
$form[‘fields’][‘square-footage’][‘_order’] = 17;
$form[‘fields’][‘pets’][‘_order’] = 18;
$form[‘fields’][‘check-in’][‘_order’] = 19;
$form[‘fields’][‘check-out’][‘_order’] = 20;
$form[‘fields’][‘golf’][‘_order’] = 21;
$form[‘fields’][‘county’][‘_order’] = 22;
$form[‘fields’][‘community’][‘_order’] = 23;
$form[‘fields’][‘property_owner_name’][‘_order’] = 24;
$form[‘fields’][‘owner_address’][‘_order’] = 25;
$form[‘fields’][‘owner_contact_number’][‘_order’] = 26;
$form[‘fields’][‘phone_number_2’][‘_order’] = 27;
$form[‘fields’][‘owner_email_address’][‘_order’] = 28;
$form[‘fields’][‘owner_email_adress_2’][‘_order’] = 29;
$form[‘fields’][‘property_id’][‘_order’] = 30;
$form[‘fields’][‘message_to_reviewer’][‘_order’] = 31;
$form[‘fields’][‘private_notes’][‘_order’] = 32;

return $form;

this is the code. but it is not working. can you pls check if something is wrong with it?

  1. I need properties on my website to be searchable by an attribute on the backend ( property id)
    this seems to be working but most time it returns a wrong result. the property id for each listing is unique but it still some times return a result with a different property id.
    some times the search returns nothing

please note: this is working perfectly on the front end.


  1. The snippet looks good, but make sure you specify the field attribute correctly in the code. Also, add a snippet using this doc: How to add custom code snippets - HivePress Help Center

  2. WordPress should search correctly if the attribute is marked as Indexable. Also, please note that this is a WP-level feature.

HI Andrill. How about arranging attributes on admin dashboard ?
I need this for easy view and access


If you are referring to custom fields, they automatically accept the order that you specify in Listings > Attributes. If you are referring to built-in fields, then only with the help of a custom implementation.

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