Arranging the added options in an attribute in numerical order

I created an attribute where customer will select an option from the list. The problem is that the option are not in an orderly manner. for example the ground floor is at the bottom and other numbers are mixed. help on how arrange this list please.


Unfortunately, this is not yet possible because there is a bug with the order for attribute options, but we will try to fix it as soon as possible.

I fixed it. Thank you. I have another issue. Can I remove the orders tab in “my account”? My customers will be listing information only and the “orders” tab is irrelevant in my website.
Help me on this matter please.


Please let me know what your website niche is.
If you don’t need the “commissions” & “payments” features on your website, you can simply disable the HivePress Marketplace plugin and the “orders” section will disappear.

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