At times the plug in does not charge my customer

I have the paid listings extension on my site and there are times when my customers are not asked to pay to upload something. I have the site set up in a way that they should get charged for every upload they make. But multiple times it has happened where a repeat customer wants to upload that it does not ask him for payment. Sometimes the person is uploading again on the same day other times it is weeks before they upload again. Not sure what is causing this issue but it is affecting my business. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Please provide more details on how exactly you set up the package that the vendor buys when publishing a listing. Also, I recommend checking the payment method you use for payment; this may be the issue.


I am using Woo Commerce and Stripe to charge the customers. I first make the product in Woo Commerce and then got to the packages in HivePress and then link it to the one that is from Woo commerce like it asks me to.

I have a site where people can post vehicles that they have for sale. Most would first fill out everything that is for the listing and then they would go to the payment part. But sometimes the plug in just skips this step and it instantly uploads the vehicle.

I have never run into this issue when they would first pay for the listing directly in the Woo Commerce shop and then go and add the listing.

Hope this information helps andrii. If not you can also send me an email at


This issue can arise in three cases:

  • this user already has a package, and its limit is still available, which allows you to publish listings

  • the package is linked to specific categories

  • third-party plugin or caching breaks the Add Listing process

​I hope this is helpful to you.


Can you clarify more about what you mean with the package is linked to specific categories?

And if it was caching that was breaking it how would I fix that.

And why would this happen only the second time that they try to upload and not like random.


  1. You can assign a package to a specific category in Listings > Packages > edit current package > and select a category on the right sidebar. Then, when the user publishes a listing not in this category, which is linked to the package, it will not be processed for payment

  2. Please disable third-party plugins and customizations (if there are any) and check if this issue persists. If you use a caching plugin, ensure that caching is disabled for logged-in users (usually, this feature is enabled in a third-party cache plugin and also on the part of the hosting provider).


I will try these both and see if it makes a difference. If I run into the same issue in the future I will reach out again. Thank you.

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