Attribute column width in single listing page

Is there a way I can change the number of columns on a listing’s page?

Currently, there are two columns for attributes, which works well for some attributes like “price” or “date.”

However, I have other attributes such as “additional information” where users can input long paragraphs. In that case, I don’t want to limit those columns to 50% width only.

Is there a way to make some attributes take up 100% of the space and other columns take up only 50%? If not, is there a simple way to make everything 100% wide? Thank you!

To make all attributes 100% wide, Go to Customize – Additional CSS, then add this rule:

.hp-listing--view-block .hp-listing__attributes--secondary .hp-col-lg-6,
.hp-listing--view-page .hp-listing__attributes--secondary .hp-col-lg-6 {

We plan to add more attribute areas and an option to create custom areas, please try using the CSS snippet suggested above as a temporary fix.

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Ok. Thanks Josh and Ihor!

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