Attribute Display with Text in Listing on front page

We have an attribute with a value , the clock. Is there a chance to add also next to the clock a Subject e.g. Clock as a Symbol and then Duration (Clock- Duration 1 hour) ?

you should create more space move the price to (primary page) “attribute” then add>% icon%: Duration 1 hour% value% (in primary block)

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you can also add the STRONG Tag to make it bold

Thanks so much. The price is fixed in the Attributes field on the Listing Level. I cannot put it up , see here: would you recommend to created an individual Attribute for this?

i didn’t know you were using woocommerce, try to create an individual attribute for that.

If it’s a custom attribute, please edit it in Listings/Attributes and try customizing its Display Format:

%icon% Duration: %value%

If you mean customizing a built-in attribute (e.g. Price if you use Marketplace), please try using this code snippet Change the price display format for marketplace listings #hivepress #marketplace · GitHub

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