Attributes and small image for clicked listing on map

When using the map for checking the listings, which is in my opinion the easiest approach to find listings on similar pages, it would be very useful to see a small image + some key attributes. For example in the bottom left of the map whenever someone clicks on a listing on the map. Today only the listing title is shown and I think it does not provide enough details for the user to act.

I think this could make map-based listing pages much easier and nicer to use.

Thanks for your suggestions, we have this on the roadmap, probably by embedding the listing block into the map marker or adding a separate view for it (with a separate display area for attributes).


Thanks! Can you give any indication about when it could be available?

Sorry, there’s no ETA for this feature yet but it’s on the roadmap for sure. Currently it’s hard to predict a specific release because we have a queue of 16 extensions that we update one by one (some have higher priority, like Marketplace and Bookings).