Attributs dropdown list

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I’d like to know how the drop-down list attribute works because I can’t see the list displayed with the options in the list.

Can you tell me how to have the icon and attribut on same line plaese (see picture)
hivepress attribut

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Hi! The Select option attributes will displayed on the add listing form, and the listing edit page. If you want to display that attributes in the front end, you need to select where: “Display in the search form”, and “Display in the filter form”. These options are in the attributes settings menu. Don’t forget to select, for which categories you want to add your attributes (right side in the attribute settings page).
Second: If you use the Listing Hive theme (maybe works with other HivePress themes, I don’t know), add this css, from the front end admin top-bar, customizer menu, into the “additional css” field. The default attributes block under the listing image, is a two column block on desktop (higher resolution) view. This css will change that, to a one column, full width block (one attribute per line). Here is the css:

-ms-flex-preferred-size: 50%;
flex-basis: 100%;
max-width: 100%;
word-wrap: break-word;

Finally: I see on your screenshot, there is no attribute name is displayed, just the icon, and the hours/minutes. If you want to display the attribute name, you need to use these tokens, in the attribute’s display format field: %icon% %label%: %value%

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thank’s a lot !!!