Audio or Video Playlist

Can a feature to upload Audio or Video Playlist be provided ? If I use ExpertHive, some experts would want to show case via Audio / Video playlist

There should be option to upload audio or video that can be configured like

  1. Max N audios with per file limit
  2. Max M videos with per file limit

Can this feature be available quickly ?

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There’s no playlist feature at the moment, and a custom implementation is required for it.
Concerning “Audio”, you can add a new “Attachment” attribute and restrict its file types to mp3, assign it to some display areas and set this display format:

<audio controls>
  <source src="%value%" type="audio/mpeg">

You can also add an “Embed” attribute to embed Soundcloud by URL (or just paste the Soundcloud URL to the listing description, it’ll be embedded automatically).

When I write below in the format box

<audio controls>
  <source src="%value%" type="audio/mpeg">

the moment I press Update

<source src="%value%" type="audio/mpeg">

disappears and only below is left

<audio controls>


It’s okay.

Please check your front end. It should work.

No it doesn’t. It shows a player with -00:00 and clicking play doesn’t work

Sorry for the confusion, it seems that WordPress blocks the “audio” HTML tag as dangerous, but it has its own audio shortcode, I recommend setting this display format:

[audio url="%value%"]

Seems to work fine when tested locally Screenshot by Lightshot

It would be more convenient to have an option to add an audio or audio playlist as it is possible with the “Add Media” button in the Wordpress’ edit page.

Because there are some categories which need to show their audio work and asking people to send message to the Admin to fix their listing is not a good solution.

The same applies for the videos. If anyone wants to add a video in their listing they should read the FAQ and find the way how to do it. People usually do not have time fo these things.

In my opinion, some solutions would be:

  • A button to upload files or place to drag&drop files (of course this needs a file size limit)
  • A text area to add just the url of the file (like a field “Youtube url”)

Thanks for your feedback, we’ll consider adding this feature. It’s already possible to attach and embed single audio/video files (using Attachment or Embed attributes, e.g. for self-hosted files or using YouTube, Soundcloud or any allowed WordPress embeds), but we’ll consider adding a tool for adding multiple items per listing. There may be a workaround if you add multiple Attachment fields and make them optional.

Hi ihor,

[audio src="%value%"] does work for me. The only thing is that I can’t play the audio on mobile.
Do you know why ?

Please make sure that the file format is supported by the mobile browser you’re using, you can check the full shortcode parameters and restrictions here Audio Shortcode – Forums

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In fact, ogg samples are not supported, thank you !

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