Auto publishing ads for verified users

I did search for it but did not find the answer.
Is there a way to setup the hivepress page to autopublish every add for users who did receive a “Verified User” badge from the site admin ?
So there could be a rule on the site :
If there is a new user the admin would have to manually publish his adds until he/her gets a verified users badge ?

Can I get a information what does the “Verified User” function do right now ? I did not find it.

Thanks for your feedback, this seems like a useful feature - it’s added to the roadmap.

Currently it’s just a manually assigned badge to differentiate the trusted vendors, this depends on your website niche and how you verify vendors (e.g. by requesting docs or by checking some social media profiles they provide, or if you know these vendors).

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Thank You for Your answer.

It would be great to have this option. It would save a lot of potencial problems and a lot of time.

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@Marek agreed! :+1: