Background colour on Safari

I have my nav bar background set to a solid colour.

On Safari on iOS the space above the nav bar is coloured white when on the home page but on any other page the nav bar colour “flows” up.



How do I get the home page to do the same thing?


This is a feature of Safari, as soon as you swipe down the page, automatically the header of Safari itself turns purple. Try to test it on Chrome, it won’t work the same way as on Safari.

​I hope this is helpful to you.

Hi Andrii - swiping down the page in Safari didn’t change the colour for me - it remained white.

I have however removed the featured image from my hero section and now the colour of the nav bar fills the whitespace.


This is a browser-specific setting, as there are no specific styles for Safari from our side, please check this article html - How to change the background color of the iOS status bar for Safari Web Apps? - Stack Overflow

Thanks Andrii - I’m happy with my current set up so this thread can be closed.

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