Badge using ATTRIBUTES

Hello everyone,

then I need to create an attribute that is only editable by the admin to basically give a clickable badge to some users and that was also searchable by the search filter.

I have seen that in theory you can use this section and it works but I don’t know all the options.


  • Is it possible to change the icon using a custom one? (SIZE COLOR ETC)
  • Is it possible to make it clickable using a link?



Regarding the link, please use this code in display format:

<a href="link">%icon%</a>

If you need change color, please use this CSS snippet:

i.hp-icon.fas.fa-fw.fa-wine-bottle {

color: purple; 

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Hi @andrii

thanks for your fast reply. Is it possible also to add a custom svg icon somehwere?


Hi @andrii

I just want to notify that I did doing this:

<a href="TARGET LINK" target="_blank"><img src="BADGE LINK IMAGE" style="height:40px;width:32px" alt="Custom Icon"></a>

maybe is going to be usefull to someone. Its possible to remove “custom icon”.