Best solution for our scenario, please?

Hi everyone,

I’m testing both Experthive and Jobhive in order to create a job board website.

Jobhive seems the logical path, but, candidates simply send a message to the company to apply for a posted job. Sure they can attach a resume etc, but the company can not view a candidate’s profile, like they can with Experthive.

Experhive hive allows the “company” to review the “candidate’s” profile, which is great, but, job candidates don’t need to create their own listings (in my scenario).

The ideal outcome for us is that if a candidate applies for a job, then their profile becomes viewable to the company within the jobhive platform.

Love to hear your thoughts!



​Please send more details about this question, and we will do our best to help you.

After a few days getting familiar with jobhive (with my developer), it appears there is no way to register someone as a job seeker or job poster - where each role has different options/restrictions.

To keep it simple, I just want job posters to be able to post jobs and job seekers to (only) be able to apply for jobs (not post their own jobs from the same account/profile).

I would have thought the roles between job poster and job seeker were clearly different. Allowing job seekers to post a job is the frustration point for me :frowning:

Is it possible to achieve this?

Is there some type of workaround?

Thanks, Andrii

I’m sure your problem can be handled easily with
roles it has been builtin WordPress feature or Hivepress,
but I’m not sure what goal you want to achieve
by dividing roles that are complicated and confusing for customers,
I prefer hivepress as it is now
which is simple and not confusing for visitor and customers,

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Could you please provide more details on how a company registers on your website? Because by default, you create the first job, and thus get a company profile.

Hey Tharlab, thanks for leaving your thoughts.

I guess it’s all about perspective.

I thought it was simple. A company posts a job opportunity. A job seeker applies for the job.

They are different people with different objectives. I don’t understand why the job seeker is able to access the “post a job” feature :man_shrugging:


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