Block calendar by default and allow selecting the available dates

Hello, it would be very nice to allow vendors to block all calendar, it is a pain to change all the year for just a few weeks of availability :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot !

Thanks for your feedback - we have this feature on the roadmap and will try to implement it as soon as possible.

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Hello! How soon will this be specifically implemented? Unblocking open days may be easier than blocking non-open days.

Sorry, there’s no ETA at the moment because this feature is pretty complex (so this will be a major update and requires more testing), it reverts all the current block/unblock logic. We’ll try to release it as soon as possible in any case.

Thank you. I look forward to its release!

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This would be super helpful. Most hosts on my site will only rent one week of a timeshare. It makes the calendar almost unusable. The only other option would be to create custom attributes for check in & out dates. However, the enabled calendar option would make that confusing.


Yes, it would be very much appreciated.

Same here it would be very helpful!


Another upvote to this feature. :wink:

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Also need this feature, any updates?

I want my hosts to be able to select the time available when creating a listing, instead of blocking out all the time it is not available afterwards.

Also, longer timeframes - 6-12 months easily marked by host as available by pressing the first and last date, exactly like the search by date selector.

+1 on this feature. Any chance we could hack it until it is deployed, with a database script?


Sorry, there’s no simple code snippet for this, it would require a custom implementation.

It´s now 18 months since this topic started, when did you schedule this feature to be available? Even a block selection like with a booking would be a great help actually you need a fake booking for the period you are not available this way the only available dates will be left open. Can this work?

I’m sorry for the delay, we had issues with finding developers and general re-organization, now we have a roadmap for HivePress and every extension, e.g. you can check the Bookings roadmap here Bookings Roadmap (01/03/2024) – Asana We understand that this feature is important, also the next theme will be event-related to we’ll have to implement this in any case, since this feature is crucial for selling the event tickets.

Yes, blocking all the dates except for the available one(s) may work as a temporary workaround.