Block mail provider

hello, we often have a hacker who creates an account with an email like

We tried the plugin “ban hammer” but it does not prevent him from creating accounts… have you a plugin or snippet to advise us that works well with hivepress?

Thank you


There’s no such option in HivePress, but we use the core WordPress registration functions so you can try using WordPress plugins for this purpose, to filter the email domains.

P.S. If you purchased any of the themes or extensions please set the license key in the forum profile, this will enable the Premium Support badge - this ensures a 24-hour turnaround time.

ok we will try to find another method.

And for the moment we have not yet purchased a plugin from you. We will invest in the statistics, schedule, and connection plugin by G+ and FB as soon as possible. We will thus have the license key, even if there is no real need given the quality of your customer service for almost a year now :smile:

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