Blocklist for moderating listings

No doubt it’s one of the best script but what I am looking for is word filter that can filter some ( abusive,http, https ) like words in url, description that can control spams on website with minimum human involvement. Many spammers just come to spam postings many times with links etc. If have better traffic 100 of ads need to check manually.
I tried many plugins but none works better as it’s mostly for posts &pages n not specific listings etc.

Thanks for your feedback, we’ll try to add more features for automatic moderation. The blocklist is already available for messages but not for listings yet.


Please add this feature as soon as possible. Filtering listings one by one to protect spam is too much time consuming.


Any development regarding block words for title & description


Unfortunately, there is no exact timeframe, as we release new features depending on user votes and when the feature request was published. If you need this feature urgently, please consider hiring someone for custom work:

Yeah this is a necessary feature.