Blog entry shows duplicated content

Hi there,

my site is showing duplicated blog content. Let me explain, when you make a blog entry, the exact same content shows soon just below the Comments Form. I initially thought it was my error, but then I realised all of my blog entries look exactly the same.

I’m not really sure it is a bug but would appreciate any help on the matter.



Please disable third-party plugins and customizations (if there are any) and check if this issue persists. If you use a caching plugin, ensure that caching is disabled for logged-in users.

If this issue persists, please send more details that may help to detect or reproduce this issue (e.g., a link to your site, screenshots, a list of installed plugins, or the error message you get).

Hi @andrii
thanks for your reply.

there are no customasations apart from a CSS to hide listings date info.
I have deactivated 3party plugins, including the Super Cache and the problem persits.
I have also noticed on the main blog page that the last entry shows there at the bottom. all very funny.
here is the link to one of the Blog entries so you can see what I mean.

it shows the same content just below the Comments box.

I have also attached some pics.

Thanks a lot for your help.


Please try to create and test a new post with content (you can enter text) and check if this issue persists.

Hi @andrii ,

I have done it just this morning, just before seeiing your message.

it behaves exaclty the same way. the content still comes duplicated after the comments box. Don’t really know what is it. I have even uninstalled Elementor and go back to Blocks Editor but the duplicated content is still there.

Very annoying.

Hi @andrii
i think this may be the solution. I hope I didn’t break anything. See the code below.

I have deleted the string code between stars… *** xxxxx *** as itprobably takes the content from
get_template_part( ‘templates/post-single’ );


<div class="row">
	<main class="col-sm-8 col-sm-offset-2 col-xs-12">
		get_template_part( 'templates/post-single' );


	***<?php the_content(); ?>***

thanks for your help

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Thanks for sharing! Make sure that you’re overriding this file via a child theme, otherwise any changes will be reset on update.

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