Booking Confirmation (User) Email issue

Hello, I was just doing some testing with that new snippet for the booking note, but the booking confirmation (user) email is sending the the vendor email instead of the user email.

Also, the %booking% token is not putting the booking number in the email.


Please provide more details, you mean about this snippet Add booking note(purchase note) to the booking confirmation email - #8 by ihor
If so, can you tell me if the issue appeared after the snippet was added or if it was there before? Also, please ensure that the vendor and the booking user are different. Alternatively, please try using the %booking_number% token.

Andrii, yes it happened after that snippet was added. The Booking confirmation (vendor) isn’t going out at all, and the booking confirmation (user) is sending to the vendor .


I see. The developer will provide you with information in this topic Add booking note(purchase note) to the booking confirmation email

Okay, thank you. I will be on the look out for the reply. Do I need to message them ?

@andrii also, the %booking_number% token does not work. Please see attached image. I also verified that the new snippet was causing the email to be sent to the vendor instead of the user.

Please let me know the next steps to fix the issues. @andrii

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