Booking email to a different email address

I need emails to be forwarded to another email address.
For example “booking requested” I need the default one to be sent to the host, and also a notification to be sent to the email address of the person who manages the bookings.
Is this possible?

Currently only the host receives them, but of course the person who manages the web reservations does not know about it.


We recommend automating this on the email service side (for example, if the subject line is “Listing submitted,” then forward it to a particular address).

And how do I do that?

Thank you very much for your quick response


It depends on your email service, and I recommend checking their support or documentation.


I leave the code snippet that worked for me, in case it helps someone else.

		$email['recipient'] = 'example_email';
		return $email;

One more thing, I need you to tell me which emails are also sent, because I have them in Spanish and they don’t match, for example the booking request is “booking_request” but I don’t know the others.



Please provide us with more details on which emails you need these hooks for, and we’ll do our best to help.

Also, if you’re familiar with the inspector, you can check this information in HivePress > Emails (the hook’s name will be displayed in the value).

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