Booking interval is set automatically

I have a user that it keeps adding 30 minute intervals in between their bookings as a buffer so no one else can book with them. Even though we have that option blank on the vendor profile page so that it defaults to zero… Why is this happening?

Additionally, I have set her featured image several times and it keeps deleting it.

Please describe the issue in detail, do you have per-vendor mode enabled in HivePress/Settings/Bookings or bookings are per-listing? Per-vendor mode prevents booking more than one listing of the same vendor for the same time (e.g. if there’s a single person offering different services via listings). If you have this enabled please re-save the user profile (or ask this user to re-save the profile settings), then the booking interval defined in profile settings will be saved for all the vendor’s listings.

Similarly, please send more details about the featured image issue, do you add it as a site admin or via the front-end, any steps to reproduce the issue and/or screenshots will help to test this further.