Booking request price calculations

Just to be clear - I have direct payment + manually accept new bookings.
I realized that when a booking is requested, and you look at the booking details, the price isn’t the entire total. It only shows the service fee that goes to the website.
For example: the price of an apartment for 1 night is $130. When you book it for 2 nights it’s $260. The commission is 6% which is $15.60. The real total is $275.60.
On the booking details it only shoes $15.60 - which is the service fee.
Is this the default setting or is this a bug? How can I fix this ?

Thanks for reporting this issue, we’ll test this locally again - if there’s a bug it’ll be fixed in the next Bookings update.

Thanks for your reply, Ihor.
This is a critical issue because it confused the vendor + the buyer about what the prices are.
This must get fixed ASAP. Please Please let us know as soon as this bug is confirmed and what the solution to this is.

Thanks again.

Thank you for the details. If you have not set the vendor commission in the HivePress/Settings/Vendors and you have chosen Direct Payment as the payout method, then it is ok that a user pays only the Service fee, which user commission is set by you and which you get. Because Direct Payment payout means that a vendor or you will receive the main amount of the order directly, for example, when the user arrives at the property which was booked by a user. As you have not set the vendor commission then it means that a vendor will receive the 100% of the order amount. So this is why a user pays only the Service Fee in this case

Thanks for your reply, I’ll try to explain again the bug I found, basically when it set for direct payment, let’s say the amount of the apartment is hundred dollars per night and you book it for one night, When you click on booking request details it shows $0.00, this is a huge problem because when the renter booked the apartment for $100 and by the details he sees $0.00 he gets confused.
When the renter sees the price details no matter how he pays it, he still has to see the full amount he will pay even in direct payment]
And actually I think this happened lately it wasn’t like this till now, maybe since the last booking update.

Thanks for reporting this, the bug is confirmed and we’ll fix it as soon as possible.

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