Booking request - see or enter First Name Surname etc

Is there any way that when requesting a booking / listing hive to someone that I can add fields so that the User has to edit his / her address and that the host sees this?

Currently its as in the picture.

If you mean adding some extra custom details to each booking please add booking attributes in the Bookings/Attributes section, then users will have to fill any extra fields you add.

Hi. So ideally what I wanted to achieve.
Currently the someone requests a listing, this listing needs to be confirmed by the Offerer/Listing provider and is then set on Booked and Draft unpaid. What I would like to achieve if we could either skip the Request process so that the User can book directly and at the step of Booking puts in all details as seen in the attached Screenshot. Or if at least its possible that the User has to put in his Details (Name, Adress, phone Number etc.) at the time of the Booking request.

Unfortunately there’s no way to require filling the Checkout form before the booking request is accepted (because this form processes the actual payment), but if you disable the Booking Requests (please uncheck this checkbox for a listing) then there will be immediate redirect to the Checkout form after the booking details form.

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