Booking window vs quantity based discount

What is the difference between a booking window and quantity based discount? it actually the same thing isn’t it? both options block max days for booking. I ask because I don’t want 2 fields with the same function on “submit listing” page.

Another small issue I found. on “submit listing” page in the field “manual booking accept” there is no “not required” mark. vendor can think that this is required field and be confusing. is that possible for the next update to fix it?

Discounts don’t block max day for booking, rows that you add as discounts just define which discount should be applied depending on the number of days (e.g. add a row with 7 days and 10% discount, 30 days and 20% discount and so on). The booking window defines how far in advance a booking can be made, if you set it to 30 days then it’s not possible to make a booking further than 30 days from today.

Thanks, we’ll try to improve the UI, currently checkboxes don’t show the optional status.

Sorry I made mistake by writing “quantity based discounts”. I mean the minimum and maximum booking days that vendor can set when submitting a listing, the maximum days for booking and the booking window is the same thing isn’t it?

The max. booking days restricts the booking itself, while the window restricts a range in time. For example a booking can be made for a week max, but it can’t start later than 6 months from today, in this case the max. booking days should be set to 7 and the window to 180.

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