Bookings 1.4.10

  • Added price to the booking confirmation page
    Previously the total price appeared on the checkout page only.
  • Added security deposit indication
    Now it’s displayed in the primary attributes area.
  • Fixed time zones for imported bookings
    There was an issue with importing date-based bookings.
  • Fixed booking form redirect for non-registered users
    The redirect was blocked with the “not found” error.
  • Fixed the booking confirmation page template
    The listing block wasn’t registered in HivePress/Templates.

1- I tested the booking step after making the update and it does not appear anywhere the details of the prices, it’s like before???
2- and please, is it possible to

delete the guests line on the booking page? Thank you (screenshot)

Please make sure that the site is not cached, if you use both Bookings and Marketplace, a new Price field will appear in the booking confirmation form. The Places field will disappear if you disable multiple places per booking in HivePress/Settings/Bookings.


sorry I need help, I checked the caching, I disabled lite speed cache, price details still not listed: Capture attached

shouldn’t they be used together? I thought you need both, bookings and woocommerce to be able to charge

Please try disabling booking requests for this listing and try to book it again, this may be a bug specific to the booking requests vs instant booking.

Yes, if you just use Bookings you can display the price per night using a custom attribute for listings, but Marketplace is required for the full price calculation, commissions, refunds, etc.

1- Yes !!! I tried on several ads : as soon as we deactivate the box “accept reservations manually” it works (the total price appears) and as soon as I reactivate “accept reservations manually” the price disappears: how to solve this bug please
2-It was also a question of correcting the calendar which does not give the total when the dates are selected too quickly: it is planned soon please thank you again

  1. Thanks for reporting this, will be fixed in the next update (planned for this week).
  2. Yes, a core HivePress update is required for this, we’ll try to update it as soon as possible.

Then, Can it be said that booking plugin works only for “hand payment” and woocommerce is for paying “online”?

Without Marketplace, yes, Bookings can be used for accepting booking requests and then the payment can be made on check-in.

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