Bookings 1.4.12

  • Fixed booking note visibility
    It was visible even if the booking request was not accepted.
  • Fixed category-specific attributes
    Attributes from other categories were required on confirmation.
  • Fixed back-end iCal fields for listings
    There was an error with “per vendor” mode and syncing enabled.
  • Fixed availability search with offset/window
    Now offset and window are also respected in search by dates.
  • Fixed inconsistent time slot generation
    Time slots were generated incorrectly with some time intervals.

Thanks for the update!
But the booking note bug issue still persists.

how do i get the update? i’ve already input the license key

Please make sure that you’re not viewing the request as a vendor, vendors can always see notes. We added a condition in the code that should hide the note if the request is not approved yet, but it has an exception for vendors.

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If you set it in HivePress/Settings/Integrations/HivePress Store, please check if the update is available in Dashboard/Updates. You can also check if it’s already updated by checking the current version in WordPress/Plugins.

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