Bookings 1.4.4

  • Added more details to the exported bookings
    Exported ICS file now contains the user name and email, number of places, and booking URL.
  • Added a separate import action for every calendar
    Now calendars are imported every 5 minutes, every calendar has its own separate action in the Tools/Scheduled Actions section.
  • Fixed date picker for 1-day bookings
    If the listing has a 1-day restriction, the date range mode is turned off so selecting a date requires 1 click instead of 2.
  • Fixed the tapping delay for blocking/unblocking dates on mobile
    There was a delay required for selecting the date ranges, it’s set to zero now.
  • Fixed and improved integration with Templates
    Now the Booking Form block is available in the Listing template, also the Booking attribute areas now have settings (e.g. the number of columns).
  • Fixed search restriction by the minimum booking length
    If the minimum booking length is set for a listing, the listing will not appear in search if the searched date range is smaller.
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Thank you @ihor - this is pretty awesome to hear! Will gather feedback and test and let you know how things work on our site.

Also thank you very much for adding the Release note section as I was trying to hunt down the changes made with every update on Github and in the forum. Please keep this as it makes the updates super clear.

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Thanks, yes, we will post the detailed release notes in this section from now on, this also allows to discuss the changes.

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