Bookings 1.4.7

  • Added a common calendar for all listings
    Now vendors can view a common calendar for all of their listings without merging them.
  • Added auto-completing payments
    If there’s a linked order, it’ll get the Completed status automatically (once the booking is finished), if you also use Stripe Connect this fully automates the payment flow.
  • Added the reason field for declined bookings
    Now vendors can add a reason when declining a booking request.
  • Fixed calendar time slots with 24hr availability
    The time slots were not rendered in the calendar if 12 am-12 am start/end times were selected.
  • Fixed time zones in the exported bookings
    Now time zones are indicated for the exported time-based bookings in the ICS file.
  • Fixed search by dates and places
    Previously the search field values were reset when filtering or sorting results.

@ihor and team - Thank you so much! This is big news for our site. We are going to test and report in case of any issues.


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This is great news Ihor I see it working now!

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How can I show in view vendors calendar for all listings?

If you updated Bookings it should appear by default, there’s a new menu item “Calendar” in the account menu (if the current user has at least 1 listing).

Thanks Ihor!

So, I tried the reason field for declined bookings…where will the entered message be displayed?

It is sent to the user email who has made a booking

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Thanks! I updated the e-mail setting using the new token: %decline_reason% and now it’s working.

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