Bookings 1.4.8

  • Added security deposits
    It’s now possible to charge an extra amount and then refund it once the booking is over. The refund is processed automatically only if the payment gateway supports this. Please note that this feature also requires a Marketplace update.
  • Fixed time zone shift when importing bookings
    Now both the calendar time zone and the listing timezone are checked.
  • Fixed hiding past time slots depending on the time zone
    Previously the current time was based on UTC only.
  • Fixed showing time slots past midnight
    The time slot list was broken for times past midnight.
  • Fixed calendar for time slots spanning 2 dates
    Time slots spanning 2 dates are now displayed correctly.
  • Fixed freezing the back-end listing form
    With time slots enabled, the back-end listing form wasn’t responding.

Thank you! This is very helpful.

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what payment gateway supports security deposits? paypal + woocomerce work?

Yes, this feature just adds the deposit amount to the checkout total so the same gateways you enabled for WooCommerce are used.

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