Bookings 1.5.0

  • Added availability search for time slots
    It’s now possible to search time-based listings by availability.
  • Added total price for requests
    Now the booking requests also show the total price.
  • Added per-day pricing
    It’s now possible to set custom prices for days of the week.
  • Fixed setting prices on mobile
    Variable pricing for date ranges didn’t work properly.
  • Fixed calendar scrolling on mobile
    The dates were selected on swipe instead of scrolling.
  • Fixed calendar height on mobile
    There was an inner scroll on some mobile screens.
  • Fixed syncing bookings
    The syncing delay is increased for performance.

Added availability search for time slots feature is amazing!

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Hey. I can’t find this option. Can you please explain how to achieve this? Thanks


Please check this topic Add availability search for time-based bookings - #17 by andrii

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