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Hi there.
Just a few question about bookings based on RentalHive.

Booking Offset - is there a way to change it to a time value of the day the booking is available?
Use-case - a guesthouse requires booking to be made before 10:00 of the booking day to prepare the number of rooms required for the evening.

Minimum and Maximum Guests per Booking - how do these field’s calculations work?
Use-case - a guesthouse has 5 rooms each capable of sleeping 4 individuals, so on a day they can accommodate a maximum of 20 guests but only across 5 bookings. So on a given day they have bookings for all 5 rooms with a family of 4 in room 1, a family of 3 in room 2, a couple of 2 in room 3, 1 business man in room 4 and a group of 4 students in room 5. So all 5 rooms are booked but only 14 guests in total.

THANKS! :wink:


  1. Unfortunately, there’s no such feature; it would require a custom implementation.
    But thanks for your suggestion; we’ll consider adding this feature.

  2. If you have several rooms, the easiest and best option is to use separate listings for each room.

​I hope this is helpful to you.

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