Bricks builder and HivePress


Did anyone try to implement HivePress with Bricks or Oxygen for that matter?
I would love to use the functionalities and design of HivePress to create a directory and handle all the data and subscription packages with HivePress and handle design and layout with Bricks and CSS framework.

I don’t necessarily want to style HivePress with CSS framework. Default design suite my needs. I would just be adjusting button and links colors.

How can I render HivePress data withing Bricks? Would shortcodes work?
If so, is there a list of all shortcodes HivePress is providing?


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Ok, so testing with Bricks.
I added search for short code however it renders without style.

How do we keep original styles? Is there a way to import CSS from the Listing Hive theme?



Currently, we do not support these plugins. I highly recommend using the core WordPress block editor to keep the website fast and lightweight.

Hi Andrii,

thanks for replying.
I understand there is no support, but I though we are able to render the elements within the builders with existing styles that HivePress comes with.

I’m not able to use WP Block editor unfortunately. Styling options are too limited there and Bricks and the likes produce Gutenberg level performance anyway.

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Unfortunately, there is no such option, but you can use shortcodes as a fallback, for example, [hivepress_listings].


Thanks! Will test it out.

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