Bulk import listings with all the fields

After reading through various comments, I know the import extension won’t work for me.

I have tried different import and bulk add/edit plugins. Some have the ability to map or modify my attributes however, I realized that some fields are always not detected or editable

For example
For listings and vendors , I can’t find the settings table fields (verified field, featured field, vendor field, expiry date field) manually book request field etc

Seems like all the fefault theme fields don’t show on the plugins. i cant inline edit them

I tried the following plugins: wp import and export lite, wp sheet editor, admin colunms etc

I want to buy a pro plugin for this but I am not sure if it will resolve the issue.

Please advice me on what to ask before purchasing a plugin.
What are these type of fields called and why are they not being detected by plugins?

or do you have any plug-in that your certain works with the themes default fields for listing and vendors ?


You can try to use HivePress extension Import - Allow users to import listings | HivePress Extensions.
In this plugin, you can import location and verified fields.

If it is another plugin, you will need to configure everything manually, you need to display all fields as they are stored on the CSS columns. For example, verified fields are stored in hp_verified, location in hp_location, etc.

Thanks for the prompt response . Can your import plugin import the below fields too ? If they dont then please recommend a plugin that i can configure manually



Unfortunately, it is not possible to do this with our plugin.
You can try Import any XML or CSV File to WordPress – WordPress plugin | WordPress.org, but please note this plugin requires manual mapping and extra effort.

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