Button to send message via the request page

Is it possible to send a reply to a “request” just as there is one for reply to listing? If a buyer wants to ask question about a particular offer how can this be done?

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If you mean the message icon or button in the offer/request block unfortunately there’s no such option at the moment but we’ll try to improve the UX. Currently it takes 1 more click to view the vendor profile.

So you are saying if someone has a request, the person who is about to do the job cannot ask questions on the request before they choose to accept.

The current workflow is:

  1. User posts a request with a budget
  2. Vendors make offers with bids
  3. User can accept the best offer (paying for it), or click on the vendor profile name/image to send a message via the Send Message button

If you mean sending messages to users before the offer is accepted, if I remember correctly this option is not available yet, please check if the user profile card (in the request page sidebar) has a message icon.

Even from the request, you cannot click click on the profile who created the request, clicking on the creators image icon does nothing. Therefore if I go to a request my only options are to make an offer and send a message that way, once this message is sent the person who created the offer cannot reply. So the question is how do the 2 continue to communicate after the offer is being negotiated and then after it has been accepted?

**You can only click on the persons profile card from “listings” but not “requests”.

This is because, in the current version, regular users does not have a public profile page - only vendors has that. I think this will be adressed, so every user can get a profile page (atleast that was mentioned earlier). And then, it makes sense to be able to link to the user profile from the request page, just like in the listing page.

I also hope that the developers will focus on improving the communication function, and maybe try to have personal requests and services be posted through the chat function, like on fiverr

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Yes, currently regular users don’t have profile pages (only vendors do), but we plan to add the message icon to the user block in the request page sidebar.

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This is a crucial necessity. For example, the freelancers should to comunicate with the customers and vice versa to can understand the requiremts and once the requirments are understood, only then can offers be made.

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Thanks for your feedback, this feature is on the roadmap for the Requests extension and we’ll implement it as soon as possible.

Hi, do we have any eta to add replies to requests. I am currently in the process of hiring someone to look into this but do not want it to clash with whatever you guys are doing?

It’s possible already (via offers or messages), but sending messages requires 1 more click on the vendor profile. We’ll try to fix this UX issue as soon as possible but there’s no ETA yet.


I have a similar situation but could not find any snippet code. Is that the way? In the future I intend to acquire Requests, Bookings and still need to keep trading via linstinghive.
See my request at: Button to suggest a budget - #4 by andrii

If you mean a message icon/link on the request page there’s no such option yet, but we’ll add it in any case (as part of a new user profiles feature).

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There’s a due date?

This feature should simply be a reply to the “request” rather than a reply to the user. As all this information should remain in the request until the request has been accepted. I am getting a developer to work on this from my side. I can pass on their details if you like.

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Yes, and I also have a demand that maybe you can help me. Build a code snippet to replace the “Request Quote” text with “Send Quote” as long as it doesn’t conflict with future extensions out hivepress themes I intend to install.

Yes, we plan to add the message button without changing the request details so the message recipient will be able to check the request page.

If you mean changing the Make Offer button label, please try using Loco Translate plugin for this purpose.

I use listinghive in different situations:

You can try using HivePress Requests for price quotes, this will allow vendors to bid and reply to requests. If you use listings with a specific category for this, then customizations may be required if you need to show a different label for the Send Message button since it’s the same for all listings by default.