Buy more feature ranks (stars) for each feature listing and lists only sorted by highest feature listing ranks

I want add rank (star) from 1 to 10 for each listing and when visitors check all listings page only lists with highest ranks show first and other listings with with default 1 lower rank shown below them.

If you don’t mean changing the Reviews extension functionality (it has a 5-star scale, and changing it would require customizations), please add a custom Number attribute in Listings/Attributes, and set its min-max values to 1-10. Also, mark it as Editable and Sortable. This way, vendors can enter a number from 1 to 10 for their listings, and users will be able to sort listings by this number. The only thing is that displaying this number as a start on the listing page would require JS/CSS tweaks.

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In fact, what I want is a rating and ranking system that vendors pay for, completely same as “feature listing” option that vendors pays to feature a listing but here the difference is they also pays for each more rank or star.

In this feature, vendors that have 10 ( List A ********** ) feature stars have a higher priority in the display in the search, category, subcategories and home page sections than vendors that have 5 stars. ( List B ***** )

This sorting system allows the vendor to pay more and have more stars and ranks than other vendors to always be at the top in the search section of the listings, or the category and sub-category section, and compared to other listings and others and competing vendors with more stars or ranks are better seen.

For example, a vendor pays $1 dollar for each purchase of each featured star ( * ) for 1 month, and if he/she wants to buy 10 stars featured list for 1 month, he/she must to pay $10 dollars, and after paying, he/she has an ad (list) of 10 stars (**********) and it’s shows higher than other listings.

Thanks for your suggestion; we’ll consider adding this monetization feature. In the current version, you can try using the Featured status. Featured listings always appear at the top of the search results (within a limited number of spots); they are highlighted and can be displayed on the home page (via the Listings block).

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