Buy package once, post unlimited listings?

I can’t remember if it’s possible to have a package that allows user to pay, say yearly, and then be able to post multiple listings without paying each time they add a listing. I have one free and then want users to have to choose a monthly or yearly package to post unlimited listings. Thanks for any help.


There’s no subscription feature at the moment, but you can simply create a premium package and set a listing limit like 99999 and a listing expiration period of 30 days. Then any listings added via this package will expire in 30 days, the listings will be hidden, but vendors will be able to renew them (they’ll have to re-purchase the package if the limit is exceeded because renewals are counted in the same way as adding new listings).

Thanks, serhii. I thought that would do it but was unsure. Tested it and it worked. I must have set something wrong the first time. Appreciate your response, now I get on to the rest of the site.

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