Buyers can only review sellers once

Buyers on my marketplace can only review sellers once. This doesn’t work if they make multiple purchases from the same seller. The buyers review should reflect the last purchase they made and therefore they should be allowed to make a review each time they buy a service.

Please share more details about the issue, do you have the “Restrict to buyers only” option checked in the reviews settings? This option should allow a review for each order, so multiple reviews per vendor if there are multiple orders.

Thank for your reply.
In the orders section I have
restrict reviews to buyers

In the reviews section I have
I have manually approve new reviews
Allow replying to reviews

I don’t have ‘allow submitting multiple reviews’.
I’m guessing that this also needs to be selected.


If you mean multiple for each listing, then unfortunately, this is not possible if the allow submitting multiple reviews feature is disabled.

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