Buying a service problem

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when people buy a service, how do they enter details. Here is an example. I offer press release distribution services, so, I want people to be able to buy the service and then send me there press release in a word document, and four images they want to use for the press release. I need to know how to sort this out.

Can anyone please let me know


If you need to add details after clicking Buy Know, you can do it with the Bookings extension Bookings - Allow users to book listings | HivePress Extensions and its attributes How to add booking attributes - HivePress Help Center.

Very dissapointed that my message is not being read properly. I will make it easier for you. It is not about booking.

If someone comes along and buys my service, such as they want a press release sending out, once they have paid for the service, they need to send me the press release and also the images to go with the press release. at the moment when i test out the service, all i am seeing is a space to send a message.

can you please read this and let me know what to do

Sorry for the confusion. If you mean asking customers to provide specific details after the payment, you can do this by enabling Order Requirements in HivePress/Settings/Orders, then vendors can define order requirements for each listing. There’s no Attachment field type yet, but we plan to add it.

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