Calendar Availability

I tried to make changes to the availability of the calendar of the listing hotel that I’m testing.

I can’t make any modifications. (my calendar is set hourly and not dayly) I can’t click on block and unblock button but I cant see any difference

The same happens when a user is checking the hotel calendar, impossible to see the availability from there. It seems all white and bookable also if is already booked.

Any tips?

Please click on any date first, then try clicking the block icon - the day cell should get the light red color, it should stay if you refresh the page. If you select a date and click unblock the color should fade, it’ll disappear after the page refresh (also the dates will be blocked or unblocked in the date picker).

Yes I tried already, in the link you can find the video showing it.

Can it depends because I put hourly booking?

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