Calendar Block Dates

Two questions about features with the calendars!

  1. Is there a way to implement it into where the host creates the listing initially so they can set the days they want it to be available when first creating the listing, and not having to go back into the dashboard to set availabilities?? I am having a hard time explaining this to hosts, and think it would be easier if they do it while in the process of creating the listing.
  2. Is there an easy way to block all the dates and only unlock the dates that they want available?? This would help avoid the hosts having to block days way in the future and also people booking dates that aren’t available yet. My hosts have seasonal bookings that are only available for a few months of the year, and don’t want to have to manually go through each month of the year blocking dates.
    Thank you in advance!

Hi Zack,

Unfortunately there are no such features in the current version, but these make sense for the upcoming updates. Currently all the dates are available in the calendar and hosts can make specific dates unavailable, it doesn’t work vice versa yet.

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I noticed on a few other threads that yall have the “block all dates and select which dates you want available” option in the roadmap. Any eta on when this will come out?? I have an event/trip booking site so this feature in necessary for me to launch. Thanks in advance!

Yes, the current ETA for this feature is 2 weeks or less.