Calendar bug

The calendar is bugged, you can lock dates several times.

selecting the dates that i want to have locked

locking once

locking twice

… locking for the fifth time

As you can see the columns gets more red the more I press lock. when i click unlock the borders disappear from the columns.

It was tested locally and it seems to be ok. It does not matter how much time clicked on some date. This date will be blocked only one time. Or do you have a problem that each click to block the same date adds new bookings? Or there is another problem?

My bad I will try to make this more clear for you. The bug is only visual. When I lock my listing it works as it should. The glitch is when i spam the lock button the dates ive selected gets more and more red which could be confusing for the user. When I refresh the page everything goes back to normal and works as it should.

If you are still confused I could stream it for you on discord some day this week.

Thanks for the details. Yes, it’s a temporary styling solution and we’ll fix it, currently, the date cell is just overlayed with a semi-transparent color (red), if you unblock the date it’s overrated with another one (white).

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