Can a Paid Listing page include additional Paid Listings?

Hi, I need to create a business directory, whereby a business will pay to have a page (that needs to be renewed every 12 months) - but on that listing page we want to allow the business to add team member profiles - ideally there should be an additional charge to add each team member.

I can see how the Paid Listing add-on works to create a page, but, I cannot see if there is a way to add team members to the page (with the user having to pay to add each team member)?

Can someone advise or point me to information on achieving this please? Thank you.

Unfortunately, there’s no such monetization model at the moment, it would require a custom implementation. In the current Paid Listings version, you can charge users for adding and featuring listings by selling the listing packages (each package can have a different listing limit and expiration period listings).

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