Can I add a Vendor's Stripe account manually?

I have Stripe activated on my account. I do not like the Hivepress onboarding process because the fields are not good for my customer base. So, I have created my own onboarding form and part of that process is that I manually send the vendors Stripe links from my Stripe Connect Account associated with my Hivepress site. When I do this, they set up their Stripe account directly with Stripe with all of my site’s branding, etc… However, I am noticing that the Stripe account remains blank in Hivepress when I do this. Do you know what causes this and how to fix it?

Here is a screen shot showing they are connected to my account, the same account that Hivepress is connected to.

Here is the screen shot of the same Vendor’s Stripe ID missing… How can I add it?

Is anyone going to respond??? It has been over 24 hours and I have a host of other issues, most notably that my admin dashboard that shows all woocommerce income is showing to all vendors, even those that are subscribers…

Sorry for the delay.

Yes, if you created a custom form or add Stripe accounts manually then HivePress is not aware of this, this would require integration (code customizations). With the built-in onboarding, Stripe API returns the Stripe account ID which is saved in the vendor profile field (hidden meta field “hp_stripe_id”). This may work if you find a way to save this ID, if you create Stripe Express accounts manually, but I highly recommend using the built-in features where possible because removing the built-in onboarding from the listing submission process may require further customizations.

If you mean the revenue chart in the Account/Dashboard on the front-end, please make sure that vendor profiles are assigned to separate users, this issue may occur if you added vendor profiles manually and your admin user is linked to all the profiles.

Hope this helps.