Can i create directory site without google map?

i have uploaded your template to my domain, Now my question is that can I make a directory with this template for India without using google map?


Sure, you can use MapBox How to set up Geolocation - HivePress Help Center, for example, or simply disable the Geolocation extension if you don’t need locations.

​I hope this is helpful to you.

I need locations for India. why map box is keeping my credit card details? Is it safe? Can you advise whether i can get API key without giving credit card details?


Unfortunately, we are not fully familiar with MapBox’s usage policy, but when we tested it, they did not require a card, so it was free. I recommend you to read their documentation in more detail or contact their support.

The following is the reply i got from Mapbox, this is for your information:


Dear Mohan,

Mapbox requires a valid credit card to create an account and to access a free tier of our services. It’s a common rule for all of our customers.
By creating an account, you agree to all terms of the Mapbox [Terms of Service](https :// and [Privacy Policy](https ://

Please contact Mapbox Legal at with any questions, concerns, or feedback about product privacy policy or Mapbox’s data protection practices.

Best regards,
Technical Support

how can we make a directory without location as you are saying simply disable the geolocation extention if you dont need locations. your answer was not helpful.


Perhaps MapBox has changed the policy, I can’t tell you more. The easiest option is to disable the Geolocation extension, all other options will require custom implementation. If customizations are required for your site, please try customizing it using the collection of code snippets and other developer resources, or consider hiring someone for custom work

Shall appreciate in you demo videos etc that MapBox is capturing everyone Credit Card details in their custody.

Your theme is so nice, i liked it, but i do not know much knowledge in programming, WP, etc. I am a senior citizen would like to get some small incoming buy running a directory site in my location.

i am afraid why mapbox is keeping our credit card details?

can you help me to enter geo locations manually, like the categories? it will be a very big help for me?

thanks in advance

Google maps also collects credit cards because they only allow about 1000 maps used a day. Once the site goes over this they charge the person for it.

I don’t use mapbox but maybe they have a similar set up. They offer free service until a certain limit.


Unfortunately, we can’t provide you with more details, so I recommend that you refer to the MapBox documentation or support. But here’s what I found in the documentation: Mapbox verifies ownership of an account by asking users to confirm the credit card number on file for that account. Therefore, I recommend that you review this information in more detail Settings and account access | Accounts and pricing | Mapbox

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