Can I display a WP user field on the vendor profile?


We have a private site for our club. Anyone who is a user can post a listing, which then makes them a vendor.

When we make them a WP user account, we have a field listing their location.

Is it possible to display this location field (from the WP user account) with their name on listings, or at least on their vendor profile?

Thank you, really love this so far.


If you mean to show location, it works automatically if you have the Geolocation extension enabled and Vendors added to HivePress > Settings > Geolocation > Content Types.

​I hope this is helpful to you.

Hi Andrii,

Sorry my phrasing was bad.

We have a custom field for user profiles in WP. I want to display that custom field on the vendor profile (if possible) and on the listing by their name (if possible).




This is possible, but it requires a PHP snippet. You need to use the hook hivepress/v1/forms/vendor_update. As a workaround, I recommend using vendor attributes How to add vendor profile fields - HivePress Help Center

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