Can I do the following things with HivePress?


I have a few questions and haven’t received an answer from Support, so I was hoping that you all could help me. I saw the job board theme and this is what I need, but I do have a few questions about it.

  1. Am I able to create new filters? I am thinking of Education (Bachelor, Master, PhD), Years of Experience, and Type of Organisation (Public, Private, NGO). I saw something about attributes. Maybe here?

  2. Can I mass insert jobs? I know that for WP Jobs this is possible through Fetch. Is there something similar for this plugin and theme?

  3. What exactly can employers see in their Dashboard? Can they also see how applied and how many people saw it and clicked? I read something about a separate analytics plugin that needs to be bought. I think it can be done with this?

  4. Can I set a deadline so that jobs will automatically go offline? Usually, companies have deadlines for their job listings. I don’t want to delete everything manually.

  5. I would like to have the website in different languages for different countries. So people in the Netherlands should go to the Dutch version of the website and see everything in Dutch, but people in Spanish should go to the Spanish version of the website and see everything in Spanish. How can I make it multi-country and multi-language?

  6. Can I add more options in the search bar? Think of job, location, category?

I hope there aren’t too many questions.



  1. yes you can create filters via attributes (you just make them searchable in settings)
  2. i am not sure with jobhive, because I have listinghive, but on mine, users can import listings via cvs files via hivepress’s Import extension
  3. There is statistics extension that uses google analytics, and with that they can see daily, weekly, monthly, total views of people viewing their listing. yes i believe so.
  4. Yes you can make listings have an expiration date
  5. Best to use google translate plug in and put it in the header or footer, that is what i use. However, there are other plug ins I believe that can help you do this. But Im not too familiar with them, but i have read others on this community talking about them.
  6. Yes you can adjust the search bar. You can search by location, category, keywords, and more. Basically any attribute you create, you can make it searchable on search bar or via a filter.

Hope this helps. And by the way the hivepress is really good with customer support, and they will answer your questions for a whole 12 months. So far they have answered all mine, and I bother them a lot. However, I suggest if you buy, to look things up in this community first. Most of the answers are here, already asked by others.

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I replied via email, will copy the answers here in case it helps someone:

  1. Sure, you can create custom fields and search filters for listings.

  2. Yes, we have the Import extension but it’s pretty basic (more features are on the roadmap), I recommend some advanced import plugin like WP All Import.

  3. Yes, you can show the visitor stats to companies using the Statistics extension. Please sign in on the demo site with demo/demo credentials to test the available front-end features.

  4. Companies can’t set these via the front-end form, but listing expiration can be defined in settings (e.g. 30 days). It may also be possible to allow companies to edit this expiration date via the front-end form.

  5. I recommend using separate subdomains for this purpose, or some automatic translation solution. If you use multilanguage plugins you’d have to translate every job listing manually, currently there are no front-end features for this.

  6. Yes, it’s possible to add custom filters there, location-based search can be enabled with the free Geolocation extension.

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