Can I use both Yoast SEO and HivePress SEO?

Hi, I. have a simple question: can I use both Yoast SEO and HivePress SEO? would there be any problem with that?

Yes, if you use schema from HivePress SEO and other features (e.g. meta titles/descriptions) from Yoast these shouldn’t conflict.

But if both are setup for example for listing or vendor, which one will be choosen by the search engine ?

Thanks for your help, i’m a beginner with SEO.

If it’s the listing page, then the listing schema will be used (the vendor name will be set in the Author property), and it’s similar for vendors - if it’s a vendor page, the vendor schema will be used.

Okay, i think I need to read some documentation about SEO to understand better how it works. Thanks.

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